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RU+6 Ultrasonic cavitation bipolar rf tripolar rf sixpolar rf machine

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  • Brand   VMAY
  • Type   RU+6
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RU+6  Ultrasonic cavitation bipolar rf tripolar rf sixpolar rf machine 

1. 40KHZ Cavitation
Ultrasound cavitation strong vibration produced by the low frequency ultrasound, which effectively dissolves stubborn cellulite. Besides, due to strong vibration, thermal effect of low ultrasound frequency will be absorbed by subcutaneous tissues and converted into heat. The heat will increase cellulite temperature and gradually dissolved deep fat into liquid state, and finally except from the body via lymphatic metabolism.

2. Multipolar RF
Multipolar RF technology can heat the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer, at the same time, contract collagen fibers and stimulate collagen regeneration, so it can achieve better effects of skin tightening, wrinkle removal,fat reduction and body contouring. And also this machine has Tripolar 5 MHz RF for face and bipolar 5 MHz RF for eyes.

1. Promote tissue metabolism
2. Repel the cellulite
3. Tighten the skin
4. Strengthen the skin elasticity
5. Fat dissolving
6. Body shaping
7. Skin elasticity enhancing
8. Orange peel skin treatment
9. Blood circulation and Lymphatic metabolism improvement.

Working handle
1 handles 40Khz (5 w/cm2~ 25 w/cm2) Cavitation for deep cellulite reduction
1 handles 6 polar RF for body fat dissolving, for body sculpturing and de-toxin.
1 handles Tripolar RF for fat dissolving, facial skin lifting and rejuvenation
1 handles bipolar RF for fat dissolving, eyes skin lifting and rejuvenation

Voltage: 220v or 110v/50Hz-60Hz
Working Power : 80W
Ultrasound frequency: 40KHz
RF frequency: 5MHz  
RF hand pieces: Multipolar RF body, Tripolar RF face , Bipolar RF eyes
Handles: Four
NW/GW: 15/17KG
Package size: 50*54*33cm

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