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MR20-1SP RF Fractional micro needle anti age machine

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  • Brand   VMAY
  • Type   MR20-1SP
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MR20-1SP RF Fractional micro needle anti age machine

Working Theory
Specially designed fractional RF matrix, applied to Superficial Fractional RF System, controlled by digital motor, can orderly penetrate epidermis and dermis to accurately arrive the controlled skin depth, and strongly stimulate collagen and elastic tissues without any burning damages to the epidermal layer. The RF energy can well penetrate into the dermis layer, stimulate regeneration of collagen, soften, contract and decompose local fat tissues, so as to achieve long-term effects of skin lifting, wrinkle removal and scars improvement.

1. Smooth skin
2. Shrink pores
3. Remove deep wrinkles, acnes, pigmentation, acne marks & stretch marks
4. anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, anti-hair loss
5. Improve unfirm skin problems of each part of the body (including face, head, breast, back, waist, belly, hip,arms and legs.)

Technical Feature
1. Non-surgical, high safety
2. Easy to control
3. Lasting effect
4. One treatment will be effective,no recovery period
5. Replaceable SRF working heads (big, middle, small)
6. Mature and stable 8 inches color liquid crystal display screen
7. RF energy directly penetrate into target area to get maximum treatment effect
8. Tear open outfit of the host machine and support frame

1.Technology: Usedfractional RF
2.Color: white as picture showing
3.Handle: 1 piece
4.Dimension: 46*32*100cm
5.Power: <80w
6.Output frequency: 5MHZ
7.Output wavelength: pdt 650nm
8.N.W: 11kgs
9.Ambient temperature: -40~50 degree

10.Relative humidity: range<93%

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