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H200 High pressure oxygen jet peel applied with the advanced pulse oxygen spray technology

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  • Brand   VMAY
  • Type   H200
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H200 High pressure oxygen jet peel applied with the advanced pulse oxygen spray technology

Working theory
1. Use of hyperbaric oxygen, push the sterile saline (saline) and oxygen access air compressors simultaneously, transfer water drops of the particle type into small molecular (5-200vm microns), tiny water- drops would spray (jet spray), with 200m/sec (seconds) speed (supersonic) sprayed by a specially designed nozzle, inject water and oxygen into the deep skin speedy. Exfoliating and do needle-free nutritional delivery treatment painless, non-invasively

2. The impact generated by hyperbaric oxygen and saline, physical exfoliating procedure suit for any skin, it can stimulate the cells regeneration function, stimulating blood circulation, strengthen the metabolism of skin cells and collagen proliferation! 

Skin rejuvenation: Remove splash, Pigment deposition, Shrink pores; Whiten Skin, Enhance skin elasticity and luster, Improving skin all over the body. 
Acne removal; Remove acne, inflammation, blackhead and acne scar. 
Wrinkle removal: Get away from Lips wrinkles, eye wrinkles, stretch marks and so on. 
Hair growth: Improve seborrheic alopecia, alopecia area, hair care. 
Non-invasive physical scrub rejuvenation removal of scar: Burn, surgery scar, ance pits, pockmark...
Accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, reduce skin relaxation. 
Repair damaged skin. 

1. New idea for skin rejuvenation, safe treatment with good result. 
2. A vast range of applications; Many in one machine. 
3. Safe and effective for all skin types. Friendly design, easy to operate. 
4. Skin scan system involved, before after picture can be taken and displayed. 
5. Air compressor inside, reserved oxygen bottle connection port makes two options available. 
6. Emitting compressed air (using air compressor inside); Or emitting medical oxygen (connected with oxygen bottle when operating). 
7. Skin Scanner and LCD Screen involved make easy contrast. 

Technical Features
1. Non-invasive physical scrub rejuvenation technology
2. No need to configure the dangerous oxygen bottles, it can also achieve the 6-8Kg pressure
3. Unique design of the sprayer with strong pressure
4. With air compressed fluid recycle and refrigeration plant. 
5. Equipped with pulse oxygen spray technique.


1.Voltage: 220V/110V
3.Jet pressure: 0-8Bar
4.Jet speed: Supersonic velocities 200m/s
5.Jetpeel handpiece nozzles: 3
6.N.W. : 30kg
7.Machine dimension: 48*25*145cm

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