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VCL16 Cryolipolysis + 104 diodes lipo laser multifunction machine

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VCL16 Cryolipolysis + 104 diodes lipo laser multifunction machine

Working theory

Through cooling technology, triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperature. Fat cells premature aging and death.Through the normal metabolic processes to decrease the fat layer and achieve the purpose of partially melting fat.

lipo laser is irradiated to parts of the body, producing photochemical reactions, then through body’s metabolism and energy consumption to reduce the excessive fat.

Working handles

Cryolipolysis handle 

1.Cryolipolysis treatment handle is the most important part for the effective fat reduce.With our advanced cooling technology-Semiconductor ceramic cryo pads,cryolipolysis can create as low as -16C treatment temperature.
2.Besides,with medical use silicon,it makes soft enough for the target part,and customer will feel comfortable during the process.
3.Currently,here are three sizes of the handles for different areas treatment:
Three sizes anti freeze membrane: 280mm*280mm, 320*320mm and 340mm*420mm;

Handle features

1.Real pressure and temperature sensor
2.Pressure release function 
3.Softer pipes with better material,cable as long as 2M
4.Start/ stop button
5.Water circulation sensor on the machine display,if there is any problem of the water circulation,machine will alarm.

Size For freezing heads
Big handle: treat area(250mm*120mm) ---for belly, back,  buttock etc.
Mid   handle: treat area(200mm*100mm) --- for waist, thigh, etc
Small handle treat area(120mm*60mm)  ---for thigh, arm, crus etc.


Six lipolaser pads, 24 diodes for big pad and 4 diodes for small pad, total 104 diodes
Mitsubish ML101J27 diodes,each energy 130-350mw
Dual wavelength : 660nm&980nm

1.Two cryo handles work same time,for two target areas or two different clients.That can help      earn more each day with more treatments
2.Two separate woking systems:
  Separate air pumps,ensure enough vacuum pressure 
  Separate control systems,two handles work independently
  Separate water pumps,each handle with one water pump for effective cooling
3.9L water tank,with big radiator and fans for best cooling,ensure the machine keep working without break for 12 hours
4.High quality components with best inner structure design,to reach a high level performance.



220v/110v; 50Hz-60Hz


6 pcs,4 big pads and 2 small pads

Laser source

Mitsubishi diode laser ML101J27

Mitsubishi Wave length

dual wavelength, 650nm and 980nm

Laser energy

130mW~350mW (pulse)

Quantities of lamps

104 pcs

Lipolaser cooling requirements

Air cooled

Cooling device output temperature

5 degree~ -16℃ degree

Cooling device output pressure


Cooling liquid

pure water, with 9L

Default working time

0-60 minutes

Power consumption


Vacuum output pressure



30 kg

Package Size


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